2021 Certified Solution Focused Coach Training

FFS: Coach Training for Life and Ministry


The Academy of Solution Focused Training adheres to the rigorous standards of the International Coach Federation as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). The Academy offers Faith Focused Solutions (FFS) as training for individuals in Christian ministry and leadership who want to learn coaching skills and earn professional credentials. This program will allow you to become an Associate Certified Coach or a Professional Certified Coach.


Guaranteed Quality and Recognition

  • This program is accredited through the Academy of Solution Focused Training as an ACTP by the International Coach Federation, the international gold-standard for coach training programs guaranteeing the international recognition of the quality of the training.

  • Upon completion of the 125 Hour ACTP, participants will qualify for certification with the International Coach Federation with our graduation certificate.

  • A “one-stop-shop”, the ACTP provides all the training hours needed for individual certification and the most direct pathway to Profession Certified Coach.

  • You can stop after 60 hours to apply for Associate Certified Coach once you have completed all the requirements for Level 1 Training.

  • For complete information go to ICF: coachfederation.org


Certifications You Can Earn

  • Certified Solution Focused Practitioner, IASTI

  • Certified Solution Focused Coach, CCPC

  • Associate Certified Coach, ICF

For ACC or PCC Certification with the ICF you need to: ​​

  • Complete your training with the Academy of SF Training

  • Pay the ICF credentialing fee

  • Attest to your coaching hours

  • Submit your ‘Certificate of Completion’ from the Academy of SF

  • Pass the ICF coach knowledge exam

  • Receive 3 individual mentor coaching hours with a PCC or MCC coach.

2021 Level 1 SF Coach Training, 60 hours

Training Modules

Modules 1: Foundations of Solutions Focused Coaching

Module 2:  Microskills in SF Coaching

  • 40 hours - F2F Synchronous Training                  

  • 10 hours - Mentor coaching (7 group + 3 individual; included in program)

  • 10 hours - Self-study (Asynchronous – on your own; reading, journaling)

  • Includes 5 observed coaching sessions

Program Requirements

  • Equivalent of 6 days F2F Training

  • 10 hours Mentor Coaching (7 group and 3 individual)

  • Observed Coaching; Peer Coaching; Self-study

Level 1 Training provides a solid foundation in the basic coaching framework, key questioning techniques and observance of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and ICF Ethics. A skills-focused coach training program, it includes sharing information, discussions, reflections, practice, demonstrations, Mentor Coaching, and Observed Coaching. If you stop at Level 1, you need to complete all Mentor Coaching and Observed Coaching for ACC.


Your investment:

  • Standard: USD $3,400



  • Solution Focused Practitioner in Coaching (IASTI)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

2021 Level 2 Coach Training, 65 hours

Training Modules

  • Module 1:  Team Coaching

  • Module 2:  Leadership Coaching

  • Module 3:  Coaching Clinic

Program Requirements and Format

  • Equivalent of 8 days F2F Training

  • Continuation of Group Mentor Coaching

  • Observed Coaching, Peer Coaching, Self-Study

  • PCC Assessment


Level 2 Training builds on the basic coaching framework and coaching skills and offers a wide range of coaching specialties to equip coaches with tools to manage a variety of coaching situations: team coaching; leadership coaching in organizational development and change management; conflict situations; performance issues, etc. The coaching clinic will focus on observed coaching practice using the ICF core coaching competencies.

Your Investment:

Standard: USD $3,850


  • Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner in Coaching (IASTI)

  • Certified Solution Focused Coach (CCPC)

  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Policies on withdrawals and refunds

​To register send email to admin@sf-academy.com, and an registration link will be sent to you for the registration site Corsizio.  You can pay in one lump sum or in installments.  Full payment should be made prior to the end of the course.

  • A full refund of the course fees less an administrative fee of 10% of the course fee is applicable upon written notice of withdrawal received more than 14 days before the course begins.

  • If notification of withdrawal is received less than 14 days before course begins, an administrative fee equal to 50% of the course fee will be forfeited.

  • There will be no refunds after the commencement of the course.

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