At Faith Focused Solutions, our desire is to equip Christian leaders and those in ministry with coaching skills that will enhance what they do. Our coaching approach is based on fundamental principles and an elegant set of coaching tools called Solution Focused Coaching. We believe that coaching can tap into a person's innate abilities to enhance their life vision and purpose. Our trainers are credentialed coaches with deep roots in ministry and missions experience. We bring strong faith-perspective to our coaching, and we guarantee the quality of training you will receive.

Accredited Coach Training

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Faith Focused Solutions is a specialized program offered by the Academy of Solution Focused Training, a pioneering coach training team for the last 15+ years. The Academy's coach training is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, a gold-standard in the global coaching industry. Our training will qualify you for credentials with the ICF. 

Here is the ICF website.

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Why Coaching?

Solution Focused Coaching is a powerful catalyst for achieving what an individual or group truly wants. SF coaching connects with your resources and creative potential. The process collaboratively moves forward in a way that uniquely fits the person and people involved. It is an effective way of equipping seekers and leaders in all walks of life to excel in what they do. Coaching is anchored in powerful and respectful assumptions that facilitate wholeness and clarity in working with others. If you are keen on deepening your own spiritual path and facilitating the success of others, then coaching may be for you.

The Focus

What to expect

The team at Faith Focused Solutions takes the best of Solution Focused coaching and turns its strengths towards cultivating more effective spiritual leadership. This results from our combination of long experience in both coach training and Christian ministry. We adhere to the highest standards of coaching and coach training, as indicated by the accreditation of our program through the International Coaching Federation. Those standards shape the process of coach training, but our faith shapes the relevance and impact.

What's next?

Having successfully completed our first two cohorts, we are launching multiple cohorts in 2021. We have developed uniquely effective tools and materials to make your experience an excellent one.

Level 1 introduces Solution Focused Coaching and provides ample opportunity for discussion and practice with this elegant set of tools.

Level 2 delves deep into individual, team and group coaching and cements effective practices through high degree of observed coaching and mentoring.


The Opportunities

We schedule training sessions to meet the needs of a global audience. This means that we typically have early morning or early evening sessions for the duration of each cohort. It also means that there is a wonderful combination of cultures and applications of both the principles of Solution Focused Coaching and the heart of the Gospel.

Here is information on our upcoming training cohorts in chronological order. Please contact us for more information. We would love to be in touch with you.

Level 1: 14 September - 14 December 2021

Level 2:  16 September 2021 - 20 January 2022


Level 1: 17 February - 12 May 2022

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How we train

We work in English, online only, with video conferencing software called Zoom. Zoom is free for you and easy to use on any Internet-connected device. We will even train you on how to use Zoom. If you have a stable Internet connection, Zoom will work for you. Click here for Zoom.

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Who we are

We are a team of diverse trainers with global experience, singularly focused on bringing the best we have to coach training in order to build the Kingdom of God. Here is a little about us.

The Impact




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